December 25, 2012

Happy Holidays 2012

Thank you for reading Jane Squared this year! We hope you have a delicious, safe, and happy holiday! We'll see you in 2013!

December 12, 2012

Bean Boots - Winter is Near

Fashion Fundamental:  Winter Boots

The cold weather is creeping up, and before we know it we'll have snow on the ground. Any midwest gal knows you need some solid shoes to trudge through our heavy snow. I've had these boots for a while now and I am a true believer. These sturdy boots have kept me safe from the elements. Not only are they quality boots, they are also quite handsome looking. Form + Function = win win.

Check out more winter boot reviews here. Stay warm & thank you for reading!

Vest: JCrew | shop
Shirt: Hollister | similar
Jeans: Sweetheart Jean, Old Navy | shop
Shoes: L.L. Bean | shop

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December 11, 2012

Monet Dress

Have a great day!

Fashion Fundamental: Black Pumps - Always a staple in my closet.  Enough said. :)

Sunnies: LOFT | shop
Dress: Target
Belt: Macy's | similar
Shoes: Ann Taylor | shop

December 5, 2012

Museo Nacional de Antropología

Fashion Fundamental: Scarf - When I travel, I always bring along an oversized scarf; they are on double duty as a wrap/shawl, blanket or pillow on the plane, and style statement.

If I can avoid it, I'd rather not carry along a heavy coat, so I chose a scarf in lieu of a coat, which worked perfectly for my day at the National Anthropology Museum.  That about covers my mini-reunion with my college buddies in Mexico City.  The only other thing that I'd definitely recommend is a trip to an amazing series of caves that you can hike through--Grutas de la Estrella.

If you're interested in seeing more of Jane Squared in Mexico, click here.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Sunnies: Loft | shop
Scarf: Random airport buy | similar
Blazer: Gibson | shop
Top: H&M | similar in an adorable polka dot print
Jeans: Pac Sun | shop
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | shop
Flats: JCrew | shop

December 4, 2012

Great Friends & a Brew Tour

Fashion Fundamental:  Black Boots

When am I not talking about these boots?! I'm more than obsessed (1, 2, 3, 4...) and I just bought them in black. These are comfortable, and give me a bit of height. Everyone needs some sturdy black boots, and I highly recommend this pair by BP at Nordstrom. Ailyn and I are also fans of the Melissa Button boots by Frye (Fryes in brown). I think both boots are great for pairing with dresses or for tucking those skinny jeans. Boots are great for the fall/winter months to keep covered, but these still have a way to make you look chic. 

So, I hosted my favorite gal pals (Laura & Sarah) and Will visited for the weekend. We had brunch and went to an awesome brew tour for the day. These people are pretty legit, and truly my favs.

Thanks for reading & happy Tuesday!

Shirt:  Striped shirt, Loft | shop
Jeans:  Old Navy Sweetheart | shop
Purse:  Kate Spade | similar
Necklace: similar 
Boots: BP Runway Boots | shop

December 3, 2012


Fashion Fundamental: Crossbody Bag - I wear this Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC constantly.  I love crossbodies with a chain or convertible strap for several reasons: they're hands-free, secure, and you can wear 'em so many different ways.  I've mentioned earlier, that I'm a fairly light packer when it comes to my everyday essentials, so something small and lightweight is perfect for me.

My Mini MAC worked well even while climbing up the super steep steps of Teotihuacan. :) Teotihuacan was a great day trip from Mexico City since it's just 30 miles from the city.

Sunnies: Loft | shop
Cardigan: Uniqlo | similar
Top: JCrew | similar
Jeans: Pac Sun | shop
Flats: JCrew | shop
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | shop

November 29, 2012

Winter Wedding

Photos courtesy of Michael & Liv.

Fashion Fundamental:  Metallic Belt

I found this fun holiday dress at Macy's and thought it needed something extra. I used this belt because it helps to accentuates the waist and breaks up the lace pattern.  What I appreciate most is that this belt doesn't detract from the main piece. 

I wore this fun frock in celebration of Mike & Julie's wedding. Doesn't Julie look lovely? This winter wedding was truly a blast as we danced the night away and caught up with old friends. Happy Wedding Julie & Mike! 

So, the weddings having finally come to an end. I think I attended 6 or so this year... many, many, many weddings this year -- which just means many happy newlyweds. :)

Congratulations to all my friends! It was wonderful celebrating with you. 

Dress: BeBop Metallic Lace, Macy's | shop
Tights: Spanx | shop
Shoes: Perfect Pump, Ann Taylor | shop 
Belt:  JCrew | similar
Earrings: Kate Spade | similar
Clutch:  Crocodile Flap, Target | shop

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November 28, 2012

El Castillo de Chapultepec

Fashion Fundamental: The Chambray Shirt {see all the ways the Janes have worn it here} is one of my favorite things to style because it goes with absolutely everything, even more denim.  Throwing on a chambray shirt over a dress or fancier top can easily make your look more relaxed and casual.  Chambray is also a great layering piece for those cooler fall and winter days where you don't want to wear  a bulky coat.

I visited the Castillo de Chapultepec & the Bosque de Chapultepec, a gigantic park in the middle of the city, with my lovely hostess.  She also treated me to some Mexican specialities, including the tequila bandera and her very favorite shrimp tacos.  Good times all around. :)

Sunnies: LOFT | shop
Shirt: JCrew | shop
Belt: JCrew | similar
Dress: Target | similar (and better quality)
Tights: Hue | shop
Boots: Frye | shop
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | shop

November 27, 2012

The Ultimate Black Skirt: No. 2

Fashion Fundamental: Black Skirt.  

Any working gal needs a classic, pencil skirt. Though this is a simple piece, the fit and material can make or break a necessary wardrobe piece. Being short, I sometimes have issues finding a pencil that lands at or below the knees. Once again, my trusty Crew has come through! Their pencil skirt fit like a glove, and comes in a multitude of colors  and materials depending on the season. The pencil has become  an anchor to some of my most beloved work looks:  Pencil 1, Pencil 2, Pencil 3, Pencil 4, & Pencil 5.

These pencils are a perfect way to power through the rest of the year. Winter break...where are you? I'm already thinking about wearing something sparkly for the holidays. My head is totally in the clouds as I'm still recovering from a great Thanksgiving break! Thanks for reading. 

Coat:  Burberry Harbourne | similar

Skirt:  Pencil Skirt, JCrew | shop
Top:  Limited | similar
Tights:  Gray, Spanx | shop
Bag:  Banana Republic | similar
Necklace:  Big Love
Shoes: Perfect Pump, Ann Taylor | shop

November 26, 2012

El Zócalo

Fashion Fundamental: A great blazer was definitely a must-have for me on this trip.  I wore it casually, walking around the city and layered over a ruffly blouse for a dinner out on my trip.  Check out this video for tips on how to travel with blazers.

I've just returned from Mexico City visiting a few of my very best friends from college, and we had an amazing time. exploring the city, noshing on shrimp tacos & ceviche, and generally catching up on each other's lives. :)

We spent the day walking around el Zócalo--the historic heart of Mexico City.

Also a belated Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrated!  What was the best thing you ate? And did you score any great deals on Black Friday?

Sunnies: LOFT | shop
Pin: Vintage | similar
Top: Target | similar
Blazer: Gibson | shop
Jeans: Pac Sun | shop
Shoes: JCrew {reviewed here} | shop
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | shop in silver
Scarf: Lima Airport Kiosk | similar

November 20, 2012

Cancun: Part IV - Final Take

Fashion Fundamental:  silk tank

Wah wah... last day of Vacation. I miss the beautiful ocean...

I've heard some folks complain about the upkeep and maintenance of silk. I used to be part of that crew, but after some broader experience with the fabric -- I have learned how to love it. Yes, you have to dry clean it, but it's worth it. It helps make any outfit more glamorous and elegant. And, if I'm in a pinch -- I throw a silk shirt on the low/no-heat tumble in the dryer for a quick refresh or non-iron solution. A piece like this would be beautiful with a pencil skirt, under a blazer, cardigan, etc. Silk tank... need it!

Thanks for joining me in vacation fun. Check out part I, II & III.

Shout out to P from phiphi's blog for guest blogging on Jane Squared this week! I love sharing this creative space with fashion forward bloggers!

As I'm getting back to the real world, Ailyn is off having her vacation in Mexico City! 

Tank:  Silk Polka Dot Ruffle, JCrew | similar
Shorts: JCrew | similar
Sandals:  Target (Summer 2010)
Earrings: Forever Audrey, Jewelmint | similar

November 19, 2012

Wear it Both Ways: phiphi's Blog

It seems the sisters of Jane Squared can't stay away from Mexico lately!  Luckily, while Ailyn's away, we have the very stylish P of phiphi's blog sharing how she wears it both ways.  We love how effortless and chic P's professional looks are, so head on over to her site! A big thanks to P for posting on Jane Squared today.  Enjoy!


hi jane squared readers! i'm phiphi and you can catch my shenanigans at phiphi's blog. i am really thrilled that aili and ailyn asked me to guest post today in their "wear it both ways" series. this is a philosophy that i really embrace. as a working mom of two, i need to stretch my wardrobe. even if my rule is to get it on sale, it isn't much of a markdown if you never wear it, or wear it once. 

one of the biggest trends this past year has been peplum. since it is trendy though, a piece like this should get worn often to get as much as you can from it. i wore this outfit to work with a peter pan collar necklace, and captoe pump. 


to switch it up, the peter pan necklace was removed. i looks like a different top without it, which speaks to the power of a good accessory. this time, the blouse is paired with a flared skirt, and stacked necklaces. the skirt is also high waisted, so i could have tucked the blouse in as well. the necklace was actually a long necklace that i looped around twice. i hope you enjoyed this post!
xox P

outfit 1
blouse: a-thread
pants: banana republic
shoes: zara
bracelets: christina M boutique on etsy

outfit 2
blouse: a-thread; skirt: zara
shoes: christian louboutin
bracelets: asos, and christina M boutique on etsy

November 15, 2012

En Route to Mexico City

About to head to the airport for an impromptu trip to Mexico City!  The plane fare was so good that I couldn't pass up the chance to visit with some of my very best friends from college.  Crossing my fingers for an easy, relaxed travel experience.

Let me know if you've ever been to Mexico City and if you have any recommendations!

Fashion Fundamental: Riding Boots - Boots are a staple in my fall and winter wardrobe. I wear 'em with anything from silky, feminine blouses to jeans and dresses.

Headband: JCrew
Earrings: Kate Spade | similar
Sunnies: Maui Jim | shop
Top: JCrew | similar with a hood
Bottoms: Gap | shop
Boots: Frye | shop
Lips: Revlon Lip Butter in Lollipop | shop

November 14, 2012

Vacation Part III: Chichen Itza

Fashion Fundamental:  Crocs

Yep.. I said it! These puppies made their debut last year for the Petite Fashion Challenge #11 - vacation wear. Legit.. crocs are amazing travel shoes. Not only can I kick them off at airport security, but they are lightweight, easy to clean and very comfortable. 

I spent the day visiting one of the "wonders of the world" Chichen Itza.  It was an amazing, mythical experience that I will never forget. I recommend checking it out if you ever have the chance!

For a long day of walking, visiting cenotes and haggling with local vendors -- I am very happy I chose my Malindi Crocs. They are a great alternatives to flip flops and are quite cute! These are "Jane Squared" approved!

Have you been rocking your crocs? Tell us about them!

Check out Part 1 & 2 for more vacation wear!

Shirt:  Chambray shirt, JCrew | similar
Shorts:  3" Chino Short, JCrew | shop
Hat:  Panama Hat, JCrew | shop
Sunnies: 01OS, Prada | shop
Shoes:  Malindi Flats, Crocs | shop

November 13, 2012

Halogen Ponte Pencil Skirt

I'm a little bummed that this is likely the last time this season that I'll be rocking bare legs; after some mild 60 degree weather, it's suddenly freezing in the Midwest!

On to the skirt, I am a huge fan of this skirt; I like the bold pattern in a classic color combo;  it's currently only $19.97--65% off.  That's better than Forever 21 pricing!

Fit: Fits fairly well.  Slight gap in the waist, but I feel like if I sized down, then the skirt would be slightly too short.
Quality: Unlined. This skirt is made of a rayon/polyester/spandex blend and is thus machine washable. The material feels sturdy and well-made.
Price: Originally $59. I actually purchased for $34, and noticed that it was marked down to $19.97.  As always, Nordstrom has excellent customer service (I love their Live Chat feature... no messing around with automated systems for a simple price adjustment).
Bottom Line: Definitely recommended because it's super comfortable, stretchy, and fits well.  A lot of pencil skirts can be very structured and uncomfortable, but I think the ponte material and stretchiness really help keep you comfy, though if you hate an unlined skirt, this might not be right for you.

Sunnies: Maui Jim | shop
Cardigan: JCrew | similar
Top: JCrew | similar in fuchsia
Skirt: Halogen via Nordstrom ($59 $19.97) | shop
Heels: Ann Taylor | shop
Lips: Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie | shop

November 12, 2012

Cancun Part II - aqua blue

Fashion Fundamental:  shorts

Just another beautiful day in the Cancun paradise...

Vacation is the best time to bust out some adorable shorts.  I love this pick from AE with the pockets peeking out the shorts. These are essential for walking around in hot weather. All of this walking makes me want one thing... a nice, cold Coke. Mexican Coke... best ever!

Check out Part I for the start of the Cancun holiday.  Happy Monday!

Top: PacSun | similar
Shorts: American Eagle | similar
Sunnies: 01OS, Prada | shop
Shoes: Sperry Top-Sider | shop

November 7, 2012

Vacation: Cancun Part I


Vacation Fashion Fundamental:  Flip Flops 

A few weeks ago, I visited Cancun, Mexico for the first time! I was there for a lovely, relaxing vacation. Time was spent reading magazines, strolling through the vibrant markets, and hanging out at the beach. 

Along with my Kindle, I came prepared with my trusty summer flip flops. These shoes were easy to pack and Havianas are the best because they are super comfortable.

Meet G! He's rocking a casual look with a Jack & Jones polo (similar), Old Navy shorts (similar) and his own pair of trusty flops.

Results are in... did you exercise your right to vote?

Dress:  H&M striped dress | similar (also styled here)
Sunnies: 01OS, Prada | shop
Bag: Kate Spade
Hat:  Panama Hat, JCrew | shop
Belt:  Loft | similar
Shoes: Slim Flip Flops in Navy, Havianas

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